Thursday, November 13, 2008

Finally got my new computer

After going to quebec and meeting my friend loulou for the first time in my life i finally got my computer i went there with 600$ and came back with nothing but a new computer .Since i got it i can finally go on talk to my friends play games and even do my homework joking but anyways im happy =) buy them a new keyboard to say thank you for their help beacause they helped me programming it and installing all the programs...

getting a ipod touch

Tomorrow friday the 14th i am geting paid from my job and i am hoping to have enought for a ipod touch.My girlfriend and i have been argueing about something , she is saying that im not going to buy it and its only something that im saying and that i will never end up doing , well im going to prove her worng and buy a ipod touch beacause from the 14th to the 24rth of november at wal-mart i get 20% off on 3 big items and the ipod touch 8 gig.I will finally be able to listen to music and go on the internet for free by stealing the internet from others.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My dad retirering

Yestirday ,my dad told me that GM gave him his retirement letter that allows him to take his pention feburary first and that he is eligible to get 120 000 $ cash and to get 35 000 for a car made my GM.He was thinking about buying a sky Turbo made by saturn it is wroth about 40 000$ dollar.But one thing him retirering ruins the relation ship with me and my girlfriend , by the time i will move to quebec we will be dating for 18 months or so ...Im happy for him but not for me.

meeting loulou

This week end i am going to quebec to make sure that i still get into my co-op and subscribe myself to a new school in Hawksbury and after that i am going to montreal to meet my old friend louise but i just call her loulou she is 38 year old but ive met her through the internet and she has been a good friend to me and also my girlfriend is comming to ...I dont know i think she is scard i will do something with her but i keep tellnig her she is like my aunt but anyway i understand why she would be scard or something beacause she dosent know her and also i am getting my new computer this week end wooohooo =)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

rented 2 movies

yestirday beacause my girlfriend was sad beacause of her cousin i decided to go rent two movie at block buster i rented "The Strangers" and "The Happening".The strangers is a really good movie scray has a good stuspense and all that i like it...If you want a girl to hold you its the perfect movie for that.About the other one the happening it is a horrible movie if the movie director would of do more effort....they could of done a exelent movie and also the acting was horrible in certain sceane it was like a joke.I do not suggest the renting of the movie the happening but i strongly suggest the strangers if you want to have a spoky night andbe the "guard of a girl".

Enjoy your show.

mortality yestirday.

yestirday i got home after school and i called my girlfriend's house twice and nobody answered and then around 5 so 1 hour after i got a phone call from her dad cellphone was her she told me that she was at the hospital all day and then i asked whats wrong and she said not for me but my cousin jesse just died phil...he is dead..and then i say what! what happened.And she told me what happened.what happend is that he went to wrok and while waiting for the bus stop he had a stroke and couldnt get back up he was like a noodle.and then the ambulance came and got him and then at the hospital they gave him some medication to make his blood thiner so theyre would be no blood clot and then everything worked fine and then all of a suddent he got into a coma.a blood clot got into the back of his brain killing him almost instantly.what happend that it got accumulated around the "membrane" of his brane and crushed it until it got ripped so the doctor said we can fix it but there is 99.9% chances he dies and if he does live he would be a veggy for the rest of his life...him and his girlfriend were going to get married in a week and also he turned 24 3 days before that...him and his girlfriend were together for 8 years...since they were 16...she was was my girlfriend so i told her to phone me when she gets back from the hospital and to come to my house.when she got to my house i told her its ok and she bursted into tears in my arms.i hold her hugged her for the rest of the night until she had to go home.

Yestirday...the past week and half have been shitty for her.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

i hate moving!

Since a few months my parents told me they were going to move back to quebec around january and when they told me that and it hurted me beacause i finally found somebody that i love and im ready to do pretty much do everything for her and its about the same on her side we are crazy about each other and now i have to move 5 hours away but good thing i have my liscence i will be done high school in not to long so i will be able to get with her or move closer to her beacause she is a year younger then me so it makes things a little bit harder but im more then sure that me and her will work for a long time we have been together for 1 year and 1 month already...But everytime that i get comfterble somewhere my parents moves and i have to restart over again.