Monday, September 8, 2008

i need my math class.......

i need my math class...but the school wont give it to me... form what the orientation told me....they cant give me my 11th grade math class....but the year before they told me there was no problem and that i could take it next year wich is this year...why did they screwed me over.... they said to me " we cant offer you this class beacause the math class that you need is at the sametimes as your english at first period we cant switch your english class beacause it is your class that you need to graduate.....well FFS.... dont i need that math class to...stupid school i hate it so much ...they tell u something.... they want u to be responsible and to do it all alone switching your class try to show u the way of the future.....and now they tell you cthey cant help you....w/e this is BS..."now i have to bring my parents into this... beacause they wont give me what i want ....if i dont get that class...its screw me over for first comming back in ontario after getting my cards to be a it will takes longuer it mess'up my relationship with my girlfriend.....anyway i hope it will fix it self.i just find it stupid sometimes....that school promise you stuff that they cant give you.


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M. David said...

Less diary journal entry; more discussion on your topic