Friday, October 3, 2008

almost got arrested

About 2 days ago i went to the school of my girlfriend (O'neil) to see her and her friend came with us.... and then her friend wanted to go get her boyfriend so we went to eastdale after eating to the restaurant.... and then we went there it took us about 20 min to walk to eastdale form O'neil.when we got there we were asking where ross's class was n then we sat in the hallway where there was a bench...10 min later the 2 principle form easdale came and talk to us saying come with us soo we were like"ummm ok whats going on?" n then she said " just come with us you 3 we have to talk to you all"... after we got to the office she closed the door and said "tell me why you're in our school.... i said "we are w8ting for my girlfriend sister and for tamara's boyfriend to come out to class so they both come with us...The princible said you're not allowed in a other school its called trespassing we will have to call the police we need all 3 of you to give us your names... And then i was like"whats!wait a minute why the police we dint do anything wrong,like you can search us if you want we got nothing to hide..." and then she said"its ok we dont have to search you" and after talking for 5 to 10 min the conversation came up to me saying " i did not know it was ellegal to go into a other school..." after a other 20 min of talking she finally took are name and wrote on the paper trespasing solved.There is alot more that happened but it would be way to lnog to explain it.

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