Wednesday, October 22, 2008

new computer and car inssurance.

im working alot these home i cant even do my homework can barelly talk on the computer...its been like that for a while that my computer has been restarting on it own....but these days it is 5 times worst it is every 15 comp restarts....i talked to my friend loulou she is 38 but she has connection with some people that builds computer and she can get me a deal...the computer im buying will cost me about 450$ just for the box.Alsoim getting my g2 driving liscence on november 4rth i really hope i will will cost me 200$ in inssurance if i do pass the test....and i also need to keep money for me and my girlfriend can go out...i jsut cant wait that all this is done i mean the computer thing then i can chill more with my money n have mroe fun...

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