Wednesday, October 22, 2008

something exctiting at work =)

A few days ago i was working to get carts in the parkinglot of the wal-mart super center in oshawa and me Brandon Ryan Tom (co-workers) where collecting the carts and suddently a LP (instore police) screams at us while he was chasing a guy he screamed "STORE STANDARD" and then all of a suddent we all four of us turn around and see some one running and we start running so the guy was trapped and all he said was "ok here im done" he gave me the bag and the LP asked me to look into it i foudn 23 ipod touch 32 was about five thousands dollar worth and then the guy said it was all his...the LP said lier i seen you on the cameras kicking that window and tacking them...and also if it was yours why would you run.After that well i mean few days after that we chased down a 12 year old kid beacause he stole a pop...i really find that funny chasing people. =)

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