Wednesday, October 15, 2008

waiting for a update on runescape

Ive been playing runescape for about 5 years now its my favorite game ...dont ask why i like it so much.A year ago i was playing n the 10th december of 2007 the wilderness was cancelled by the makers of runescape and that they wanted to stop the real world trading but they dint only stoped the real world trading they killed everything fun about that game, but then they announced a new version of the wilderness it is called pvp world it was release today the october 15th 2008 but now the things have changed it is not only a restricted area it is the entire world! but only certain of em.if you want to read more aobu it just go there and read about it! enjoy


M. David said...

Good post. Are you a Warcraft fan as well?

philippe021 said...

no im not a warcraft fan i seen some people playing that game and idk there are to intense they dovote their life to it i dont want to be the same.but its a good game i will admit it.