Thursday, October 23, 2008

rented 2 movies

yestirday beacause my girlfriend was sad beacause of her cousin i decided to go rent two movie at block buster i rented "The Strangers" and "The Happening".The strangers is a really good movie scray has a good stuspense and all that i like it...If you want a girl to hold you its the perfect movie for that.About the other one the happening it is a horrible movie if the movie director would of do more effort....they could of done a exelent movie and also the acting was horrible in certain sceane it was like a joke.I do not suggest the renting of the movie the happening but i strongly suggest the strangers if you want to have a spoky night andbe the "guard of a girl".

Enjoy your show.


Phil said...

Very funny and informative! Thanks lots for the tips buddy, I'll rent that one day, watch the spelling though, everyone's watching, even monsieur! But good job!

M. David said...

Good suggestion Phil! Intersting read. I always love movie recommendations so keep them coming.